Glam Bombshell Beauty Buys: NYX Matte Lipstick

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I love, love, love LIPSTICK! I was on YouTube one day and was just watching reviews on lipstick and what do you know NYX popped up, so one day just shopping I went in to a Beauty Hair Store and they had a whole shelf filled with NYX beauty products from this fabulous Matte Lipsticks to face products! The first thing I started doing was swatching every single lipstick trying to figure out which one to get because I loved them all to say the least!  Saying to myself “Naye you dont need another lipstick!” I just could not help it but just to at least get a couple so here is what I got...

"Sweet Pink" and "Tea Rose"
From their very large collection I chose these two from the collection, Sweet Pink and Tea Rose. It was my first time really purchasing these lipsticks so I wanted to go pink just because I love pin. So I choose pale to BOLD; Tea Rose to Sweet Pink!
Tea Rose:  It’s definitely in that nude pink category and I personally love it! I feel like I can never have too many pinks simply because that's my favorite color!

Sweet Pink: which i think is a very bold shade of pink, I actually went to the MAC counter after purchasing this and I would compare it to MAC’s most popular Candy Yum Yum. And everyone loves them some CYY!

The lip shade glides on super smooth, the consistancy starts off creamy, the color is highly pigmented (dab on or swipe on to control the intensity), and it “sets” to a supple, matte finish (retails for $6.00).
The price points are definitely noteworthy, especially since there is a high chance of swiping some quality dupes for your favorite higher priced, department store brands.
Need a MAC for Nicki Minaj lipstick fix, for a fraction of the cost? Try NYX Matte Lipstick in “Summer Breeze”. It’s not an exact dupe, Nicki’s new shade has more coral-undertones to it, but it’s a close second! Dab on a little NYX Matte Lipstick in “Indie Flick” and that should make a perfect mix of corals and pinks! MUAH!

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