New Hair.... Different Attitude

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 So ladies it is time to present this "New Hair.... Different Attitude" trend. Have you ever felt when you got a new hair style it was just a new you and new attitude type of thing, well that was me this weekend when I got my hair fix. I wanted a part down the middle bone straight look to start this off with. So my hairstylist Samantha "Model Chic" who is also my sister, hooked me up and new exactly what to do for me. I got a relaxer which I was well over due for then I got my hair colored black(semi-permanent). I waited a day to actually install the hair that she had also colored black for me. The hair is Virgin Brazilian-Natural Wave and 18 inches so it came with a natural brown color. This is actually some hair I had installed before so I just reused it. The hair was also later famed to my face a little.  This sew-in was also a partial sew-in so I can also pull it up in a ponytail.

I usually keep my sew-ins installed for two to three months.

"How do you maintain your sew-in for so long?" 
For the first two weeks I maintain the hairstyle in the state I got it done in the first place. The sew-in that I have in my hair now is a part down the middle and more of a bone straight look. I have not flat ironed my hair since I got it done so that leads to the next question......

"How do you wrap your hair?"
You have to literally train you hair and make it behave in a sense. You should not have to apply heat to your hair everyday, you just have to know how to properly wrap your hair. How I wrap my hair at night is that I part it into two and pin both sides up with bob pins. Another way I may wrap my hair at night is put it up in a messy bun. The type of hair wraps I use are a satin head scarf and a satin bonnet.

"What type of products do you use?"
The type of hair products that I use on this hair is Argan Oil. Shampoo and Condition I really do not have a preference. I also oil my edges with natural oils such as Vitamin E and Castor Oil. 

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  1. hi dear! just found your blog and i love it! i love your hair also ..beautiful :)would you like to follow each other?

  2. @SignatureChic Thanks love! Sure I would love to follow each other!


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