March Madness!

10:56 AM

So with all the mall hopping that I did I got my outfit in order, face beat, & my hair was laid. This whole March Madness was about turning up for up for my sissy's birthday! And boy did we do just that. Having this plan for about a week we decided that we wanted to go out and have fun. With close friends and family we went out to this club called Plan B. This weekend was the weekend to go out and enjoy ourselves. I wanted share with you guys what I wore and how I styled my sister. I wore a croped black top that was criss crossed at the arms which as sleeveless, high waist black, white, and red giraffe print leggings with my black spiked out booties. I styled by my sister and a black crop top with black and white stripped leggings, red booties, and gold accessories. 
Here Are The Looks:

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