Fashionable Disco

5:47 PM

Did I just name this post Fashionable Disco? I think so, it reminds me of everything about the disco days but more fashionable. I laid eyes on these pants from Forever 21 about a year ago and I could not fit them. I was a little disappointed. However, I made these pants my weight loss goal and now its a year later, I CAN FIT THEM! 

Now, let's get into this look! These disco like trousers from Forever 21 already makes the look stand out so we do not really need anything else for it to make it too much. I wanted to provide some skin and texture with this look so I went for a lace tube top that I got from Wet Seal two years ago. These Steve Madden Madlyn Naturals made the simplicity of this look. Every time I go somewhere with these shoes I get nothing but great compliments; I think that is phenomenal. (Click here to see post on these bombing shoes).The Nine West black cross body bag was a great accessory. 

This look was a success considering all of the compliments that I got from people. I love to hear the words, "You look fabulous!" Those are many of the words that I love to hear when I dress because it keeps me doing what I am doing, LOL! This date night look was the right look! 

Tell your bomb secrets. So, what are things that you look to wear on #DateNights

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