Mesh and Some Skin: Kylie Jenner

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I know we all have been keeping up to date with Ms. Kylie Jenner and all of her latest and hottest looks lately. While I follow her on instagram and all of latest moves, she just gives me life every time from her hair, make-up, nails, and fashion. Well this time around I am just stuck on her fashion and this all black mesh dress by the Misha Collection.


Not only does this dress shows the right amount of skin in the right places, but it also gives a black (Y'all have to know that I am a sucker for black), neat, sleek, and chic look as well. She accessorized this outfit well with the right amount of jewelry and the cute strappy white heels. 

You have to admit that Kylie is resembling Kim more and more these days, right? I need to start dressing more like Kylie, he, he. It's just soooo crazy how we watched Kylie grow from a little girl to blossoming into a full grown woman. 

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