Mama Said Knock You Out

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"Mama Said Knock You Out," we all know we love some Martin and Mrs. Payne as well. I thought it was a good day to do an outfit of the day post because it's Sunday and I had absolutely nothing to wear, so I decided to get one of my favorite t-shirts, jeans, and heels to pair them together.

Here I wanted to a go for a causal chic look but at the same time be cute on this good ole chill Sunday. I pair my "Mama's Said Knock You Out" tee that I stole from my boyfriend and cut the sleeves off; I did find a similar shirt from Mix Unit . You will not believe that the shirt is only $9.99 and this is a great price so why not splurge a little, right? However, like I mentioned before if you will like to achieve this look then you will have to cute the sleeves off of the tee. 

I wanted to go for a dark denim look so I did pair my favorite Levis jeans, that Booga bought for me, and it made this look stand out. Now I added some styling of my own by cuffing the bottom part of the jeans to give it some definition; fading the dark denim with the lighter part gave it some color. folding my jeans also allowed for me to display the details of my heels.

This are one of my favorite shoes that I purchases from JustFab and if you watched my Summer Shoes Haul Video then you probably know exactly why. Like every other JustFab shoes, each shoe has a name and these baddies are Taesha. And honey do I love me some Taesha; from the way she defines my foot to all the strappy strings that lace up around your leg.

I always wanted to mix this look with some prints so I added a bandanna clutch that was a DIY.

 This clutch just adds a little edge with in combination with the cheetah print heels. My rings were purchased at H&M some months ago and I got them on sale!!

The look is one of my favorite causal chic looks, without getting too dress up. You can wear this look out shopping, out to lunch, to run errands, even to a little block party so to speak.

Show me some of your favorite Causal Chic looks with the hashtag #BombshellCausalChic...
Happy Labor Day!

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