3rd Blogiversary: OOTD Olive, Trench, Slay.

7:00 AM


November 17, 2012 is when I went on this incredible journey as a blogger and Glam Bombshell was born. I have had my ups and downs as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, but what brand doesn't have their ups and downs. I have made so much progress these past three years and it is only going to get bigger and better. When I started this journey I didn't think that I would get this far with it and even reaching out to people who have the same interest I have, but I did. I thank everyone who has been with me through it all because without you Glam Bombshell would not be here. So I decided to put together a slaying outfit of the day to celebrate this moment. I think shooting this video with this scenery was a sign because I am doing just that.. REINVENTING!! The reinvention of Glam Bombshell means everything from new content, style, life, looks, and etc. I am still praying for bigger and better with my baby.... this is still the beginning darlings. 

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