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It's Tell It Tuesday and I am ready for the weekend already, but I do enjoy a good ole Tuesday. So let's jump right in to our daily reading for today's blog post. You know every now and then, you will like to treat yourself to something a little on the pricey side because we all deserve it (even though I'm a girl that like to shop on a budget). With that being said, let's talk about a few products that I think are worth the spurlge...

First, is MAC's Fix Studio Liquid Foundation ($27); a product that seems to go a long way. I use the products almost daily and have had it since last August and here it is March, almost April, and I am just getting to the last drop.

This product comes in several shades and matches your skin tone well. A little does go a long way; just dab a little bit and see how the product spread well. The product does control most of you problem areas and has complete full coverage.

The next worth the splurge product is Mary Kay Facial Skincare ($10-$150) products. Of course I am not going to get into full detail about the products, because I have a full blog post on them (click HERE), but I think they are worth getting some more shine. Everyone knows Mary Kay be on the expensive side, but I think they are worth every penny. This products eliminate all problem area: dark spots, acne, oil to dry skin, you name it will do it.

Their TimeWise products have different stages and products for the problem areas that you are having, so they have a product for any skin type.
Trust me when I say, these products are no waste of money.

So when going to spend that pretty dime on some expensive products, ask yourself is it worth the splurge? 


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