Looks For Less: Chanel VS Greenwald Aldo

6:30 AM

"Balls are to men, what purses are to women."
--Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker said it best, every girl loves a nice handbag or purse, and as we know handbags can get pretty expensive. Knowing my pockets and budget, I just cannot afford to buy an expensive bag with trying to save and pay bills (haha).

Lately for the past years, girls have been carrying around Chanel's Classic Chain messenger bag, which can cost a pretty penny around $2,300. Knowing my pockets are not the hefty, I had to find some type of alternative.

Chanel Small Classic Double Flap Bag

Strolling Downtown Charleston, SC, I found myself walking into Aldo and right when I walked into the store I saw the bag that I wanted. I thought it was even better than the Classic Chanel bag, it was Aldo's Greenwald Messenger Bag.

The details on the bag made it so chic and classic; I had to have it. With the chain detailing, it made the bad look expensive and it was only $55. I don't think that you can beat that with how the bag looks. Not only that but it came in many colors (click here). As you Bombshells know,  I am going back to get many more!

The color selection was a great choice; but the quality of the bag was outstanding. With that being said, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg for a purse that you may want, just look for an alternative; who knows, it might be better!

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