Beauty Trends: Nude or Brown Lips?

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Lately, there have been several beauty trends being displayed around us. One of those trends tends to be a "poppin"nude, brown, or mauve lippie. The beauty world has surrounded itself with this to go trend of a lip, and I Must say I am a sucker for it. I own at leas seven different shades of nude and brown lipsticks. However, I wanted to share with you Bombshells three to four of my go to colors :

MAC's Stone- I love this color, simply because it is edgy and you can really where it with anything. You can also apply this lippie as a day time or night time look. This color is mixed in with a grey and nude tone, making everyone stare at your lips when you wear it.

MAC's Honey Love- Honey Love is a matte lipstick, that is one of your classic nude tones. You always have to have a classic matte nude lipstick in your collection; it's a necessity.

NYX Abu Dhabi- This has always been my favorite go to lip cream by NYX and it still is. This lip cream is another go to nude lip, however, it is not as bright as Mac's Honey Love. And in that case, if you want something a little bit low key, Abu Dhabi should be your go to girl lol.

Black Radiance Mocha-  This new matte lipstick by Black Radiance is another one of my favorites because it is not so original. This is a deep brown matte lipstick that will have your lips looking poppin' all the time. 

These are just have been on my favorites list and go to looks for my nude/brown look. What are your favorites? Comment below.

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