Engagements and The Principle Gallery

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Displaying D5D58917-BAF9-4868-9947-EB6645F1A5F1.JPG This weekend was one for the books, I got the honor of attending my cousin's engagement party. And to say the least, it was hosted at the Principle's Gallery in Charleston, SC. The event was so elegant and nice that I enjoyed every bit of my time there. From the time the that I stepped my glass slippers through the door, it screamed love and art! 
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Aris and Julian did a nice job with hosting their engagement party at this venue. It also gave me a time to experience something new. I always wanted to visit and explore the arts of an art gallery, but I never got around to do it. Thanks to the future newlyweds I got that experience.

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They set the mood for all things love with their own personal cocktails and of course bubbly champagne. We toasted to all things love and great things to come in the future; it was also the bride's birthday! 

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Principle Art's Gallery was everything and more; wonderful art, great vibes, and a way for love birds to tell their love story. I was here for it all! This was experience to remember well! 

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Enjoy some of the pictures that I took with my Iphone (I left my camera).

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