Transparent Moment: Postpartum

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Having a baby is a totally different ball game from the norm, and I now (after experiencing it all) salute every single mother out there. There are several things to consider when it comes to having a baby that people do not think about One of those things is postpartum.

Postpartum basically is your emotional and physical recovery after having that sweet bundle of joy. Who knew so much can come into effect when having a baby. However, I wanted to share everything that I am experiencing so far, and what I am doing to help that area of postpartum.

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First thing first, is the actual physical recovery. I had minor complication when it came to labor and delivery, so I had to have a C-section. I was terrified of being cut open, let alone the recovery part of it all. After delivering by C-section I was sore, couldn't lift anything over the weight of my baby, bending and laying down was painful. Not only that, but the I really did not want to take the pain medication that was given because I did not want my body to get used to it. Another outcome of delivering by C-section is that actual recovery period. Not knowing how long it will take, when you get back to working out like you used to, and the thought process of being scarred can really mess up your self-esteem level. Just sitting there thinking of having that so-called "Mommy Pouch" forever is discouraging when wanting to workout.

Next, is hair loss. During and before pregnancy my hair was growing beautifully and looking healthy, but after I had the baby I am experiencing thinning of my edges. Everyone knows that a girls hair is EVERYTHING TO HER; it is her CROWN that keeps her going. To help with this process and the growing back of my hair, I recently purchased me a bottle of Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamins. If you know of any other remedies please comment them below. 

Another and issue that I really have not come to turns to really talk about is the emotional impact of it all (I really do not like the term "depression"). I have been expressing the sadness for no reason, crying about just anything, and my mind has been elsewhere. Your (my) hormones are still getting adjusted to the fact that I just delivered an entire human being so sometimes this is expected. I have been told to talk about my emotions, but sometimes that part can be a bit hard. Thinking that you will have people that may not understand what you are going through, or them just thinking that you are overreacting is the hardest part of it all. With this part of postpartum, I am still trying to figure the ins and outs to it all. 

Any of you ever experienced this, and want to share? Please comment below.

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