Owning IT

10:28 AM

Hey Bombshell Bosses,

I know it has been awhile since you heard from me, but adjusting back to my regular old self has been challenging. I literally have been trying to adjust to my life since giving birth to my beautiful little girl. Since having her, I have been just giving her my full attention and learning to adapt. There was that whole New Year, New Goals spell where I was ready to commit to being consistent with my craft of being a blogger, however, I did not notice how challenging that was going to be for me.

Going from being pregnant, to giving birth, and being a mother was different and new for me. I had to learn to not only adjust my schedule for me, but for baby girl too. I lost touch in myself, the way I was carrying myself because I was only concerned for the needs and well-being of my family. 

After taking a break while sitting back to analyze myself, I realized that I had to get back to me and my craft. Allowing myself to revert back to being confidence in myself and get in front of the camera again was a big step for me. I looked at the girl in the mirror and I told her, "It's time to OWN IT and BOSS UP." 

It's okay to be down for a second, but don't let it carry on for time to pass you by. Adjust your crown and walk like you own it.


Naye Rae 

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