Glam Bombshell: Braid It Up, Braid It up!

9:47 PM

I've been battling with myself on whether or not I should got braided. But I sucked it up and sat in that chair for four days straight and got these long box braids that I love soooo much. I purchased twelve packs of kanekalon (I hope I spelled that right) braiding hair, color number 1 (even though my hair is somewhat brown lol). My two loving sisters took time out of their day everyday after work to work on my hair. I havent had braids in like a year and a half for the simple fact I dont like sitting still long. But my braids came out exactly how I wanted them to! So my hair was completed by friday so I could go out for a night on the town!

Friday night I wore a nice blue sheer long sleeve top tied in the front , polka dot fitted dress shorts with pockdets, and my spiked out black block heels that I got from the Mall of Georgia in Atlanta! i top it off with simple accessories!

I also did my make up wonderfully (if thats a word lol) to make this look even more outstanding. I completed my makeup look with a dull pink lipstick with MAC Steppin' Out Lipglass on top. Nice winged eyeliner and no eyeshaow just to keep it simple and clean.


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