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Let's Drop A Fashion Bomb:Glam Bombshell.          
Okay so you all know this is something to me but very dear to me as well. I have never blogged before in my life but designing this web page has me addictive already and I have barely started. I am starting this blog for the simple fact that I love all things fashion& beauty. No, I do not by all things named brand and who says that fashion is based of the brand. This blog will be based off of things that I like, my style& creativity. And if you like my style; my views then you have found the blog and sources just right for you. I am trying something new with this blog thing give you simple, interesting, and fun tips on all-things fashion.
So put on your heels, grab your handbag, and fasten your seat belt, and lets this fashion bomb start! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Prepare for take off.

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