Shoe Therapy: Ankle Strap Sandals

1:11 PM

Hey Glam Bombshells I'm back with another fabulous shoe that I need to add to my collection and I think you should too. These new ankle strap sandals are in and everyone is getting into it. Well doing my research I found a fabulous pair from a wonderful collection Prabal Gurung Ankle Strap Sandals priced at $39.99 and yes they come in neon colors. With Spring already here and the summer time quickly approaching I need to have this shoes in my collection to rock this season! This shoes are located at target with more from their collection but has seemed to be sold! I might just have to find a me a similar pair! :(

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Not only did Prabal Gurung kill it with this shoes but also with their clothing line that is available also at Target. This collection gives you the bright colors that you need for this Spring/Summer. Their collection includes shoes, shirts, bottoms, dresses, accessories, almost anything that you can think of. This collection is very massive and affordable; everything prices under $50 and you cannot beat that. So if you Glam Bombshell's have not ran to the shelves yet to purchase any of this collection go and see what's left! Ready, set, go!

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