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8:47 PM

Sorry that I have been neglecting you Glam Bombshells but I am back and have so much to share with you all. With this Street Style Apparel I wanted to thug it out some. So yes I brought back the trend with the shirt tied around the waist. 

This style was greatly influenced throughout the 90s. This trend I think is great for the Spring and Summer months. Some celebrities are still wearing/ rockin' this style today such as Kim K., Kanye, Teyanna Taylor, and more. You can thug this style out or dress it up! 
This look is very relaxing for a day that you just want to chill out. You can put a pair a jeans or leggings and a simple top to start off this look. Get a plaid shirt and boom you got it; like I said before you can match it with sneakers, heels, or boots depending on the look that you are trying to go for. 

I chose to match it up with a simple white tee from Wet Seal ( 5 for $20). I picked up a plaid shirt which you can choose a plaid or a blue jean long sleeve shirt. My bottoms are some simply black jeggings and my shoes are black wedge sneakers with some gold accessories. There I achieved my look, can you imagine if you did not have the shirt to tied around the waist?... Was you thinking what I was thinking.. BORING!

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