#ShoePorn: Spring/ Summer Heels

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Hey Bombshells, Spring is here and Summer is quickly approaching. I have not done a shoe post in awhile, so I wanted to fill you in on what kind of heels to strut for the rest of the warm seasons. I have not purchased any major heels lately, but I love to keep you on trend so much that I went inside of my closet to hunt down the ones that fit into the season. I feel as through you don't always have to present a new purchase when helping out with the latest trends.

However, we know that it is a bit warm outside (at least where I am at in the world) so you need as much open toe heels as possible. Please keep a good pedi when wearing them to ladies (lol), chip toes are a no no. Strappy and laced heels are my favorite heels to rock any day. Pairing them up with a nice dress, even a good pair of distressed jeans are splendid. 

Color is also an important factor when purchasing heels for the Spring and Summer time. As displayed, I have nice pinks, magenta, and nudes. Prints will also elevate your outfit to the next level. 

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What are your favorite heels of Spring/Summer 2017?


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