Something Tropical

10:42 AM

Hey Bombshells I'm back with some more of this off the shoulder action. This trend is back and flourishing more than ever. And baby I am loving it! This trend allows you to show some appeal, while your look is still presented as a little teaser (he he). 

This Zaful off the shoulder top gives me so much life simply because it is very stylish and pairing it with this maxi skirt was the perfect combo. It is just like having the Big Mac with the crispy fries; a little cliche right? But know really Zaful knew what they were doing when they created this outfit combo (Click Here for entire outfit).  

Not to mention, the color of this fit is just lovely. I feel like it matches my skin tone so beautifully. 

The way the outfit combination just flows so beautifully together, and the color insinuates it so well makes you want to pack this for a nice tropical vacation.
Even though I am not going anywhere tropical for the summer, I do plan on going to Miami; this will be in my suitcase.
I decided to pair this outfit with my nude Go Jane heels (one of my favorites as you can tell). I also decided to be a little festive with the shades. 

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