It's A Party

10:30 AM

Well I haven't been out in so long I was very anxious to get back out in the party world. I wanted to go for a nice and clean polished look this time; nothing that was too much. Being that I could not find the right outfit I had to result back to my closet, which is not bad because you saving some mulahh! So with that being said, I wanted to wear a high-waited skirt with a cropped top ... Problem I did not have a high waist-ed shirt but I did have a nice cropped top. What I did have was a nice fitted dress that would make into a high waist-ed skirt; it was time to get creative on 'em. 

Here is the dress: 
 Body Central 2 Yrs ago on sale for $10

Now lets check out how I made this nicely fitted dress into my high waist-ed skirt.. 

Gold accessories, a nice red clutch, with a Ruby Woo Lip topped this off great!

Shirt: Wet Seal/ Skirt: Made DIY/ Shoes: Rainbows (2 yrs ago)/ Clutch: Thrifted

Later That Night..

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