Catch Up: My 21st Birthday, College Parties

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Finding the perfect dress for my birthday was a little difficult because I wanted a certain style and look. I finally sad I was gonna give up looking so because anything I order would have not arrived in the time period of arriving and sometimes I get nervous with ordering clothes. I was looking for weeks when finally I decided I needed to go head and order this dress. I order the Graffiti Printed Dress from Go Jane. I got the dress in the ivory/black simply because I did not want it in the gray; this dress has been seen on many celebrities as well as some of your most favorite bloggers.
Graffiti Printed Dress

 Now that I found the perfect dress, I had to move on to finding the perfect shoes for this outfit. Of course I was thinking about ordering shoes as well but like I stated before I was running well out of time. I did not just was some ordinary pair of heels, I either wanted something bright that would stand out or some sexy and sophisticated looking. So with searching up and down, going to this store and that store I found the perfect pair of shoes.... yes I went for the sexy and sophisticated look, I found the perfect at Journey's Underground Station
Womens SHI by Journeys Roll It Black Heel
For my birthday I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to celebrate my 21st birthday at Club 935 to see Yo Gotti! And boy did I have a blast. Now that you know that let's get into these photos?

So moving on to these college parties that I attended last week for the first week at USC Upstate, the first night I went out the party was called the All White Party (Welcome II Sparta). I had a problem, I DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING WHITE IN MY CLOSET AT ALL!! So the day of the white party I went on a shopping frenzy in the mall up here in Spartanburg, SC (this mall has nothing)! So something just lead me into Charlotte Russe, I saw plenty of white dresses but I had my eyes on this particular one plus it was on sale for $15 (Yaaassss college student budget)!!! I paired up this fit with some gold accessories and my shoes that I copped from Underground. 

The last party that I attended was called the Big Bang 4, so with this party I wanted to achieve a different look. So being me I went "thirfting". I got a pair of Calvin Klein short for $1.75 but however I did make a trip back to the mall for a white cropped top that I picked up from Body Central for four dollars. I paired it up with some spiked gray booties from Charlotte Russe for ten bucks, yes I know I was getting deals! So now lets take a look....

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