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Lately I have fell in love with "Thrifting" and if it is safe to say I go thrifting just about every week; if I see I buy. So to make a long story short I was on the hunt for some leather pants for some weeks and I finally found some at this local thrift store in Charleston for $8; to top it all off they were VERA WANG! I could not pass this deal up at all, can you say bought. Many people was shocked when they realized how much I paid and that I got it while thrifting. Also they fit perfectly they were a size 10 (I wear about at 12 or 13). With this I put together three fantastic looks:

Look One:

Here is my first look, I was just going out on the town for a movie with my boyfriend and I did not want not so over the top. I pair up these leather pants with a sweater that I also got while thrifting ($2.50), a Nine West crossbody bag, and some black wedge sneaker. This look was comfortable yet jazzy.

Look Two:

This second look I was going to a birthday dinner so I wanted something sophisticated but sexy. I paired up these nice leather pants with a neon green sheer blouse that I purchased from Forever 21 for $10.80. I thought that I would make the outfit pop by adding more color so I jumped in my Jessica Simpson Pumps that was a gift ($89) and I chose to also rock my Nine West crossbody body. To top this off I threw on some gold accessories and a pink lippie (MAC All About Girl).

Look Three:

I wore this outfit for Halloween (I wanted to pull off the "Ciara" look). I matched up my Vera Wang leather pants with a crop top that I bought from Charlotte Russe maybe a year ago. I decided to rock my spike booties that I got from Atlanta when I visited for about $50. Since my shoes had spikes I picked out one of my favorite earrings that had spikes on them. Do you Bombshells think I pulled off this "Ciara" look? Tell me what you think. 

Here are some caps of all my looks:

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  1. I love the Simply Vera line for Khol's. Nice find.

    1. Thanks @GirlsAreDolls I will have to take a trip to Khol's and look at the rest of the collection.. these pants fit just right!


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