Bombshell's Look For Less: CHIARA FERRAGNI Lips and Lipstick Flats

1:13 PM

I've been previously searching and searching for the perfect flats for Fall, so when I do come up out my heels I can still be stylish. I could not see myself entering Fall without a cute pair of flats to walk the campus in. Stumbling through these internet streets, I stumbled across these Chiara Ferragni Lips and Lipstick Flats. However, the original price of them were over $250, almost $300. Being that I am on a college budget, I needed to find something similar and affordable. So it was great that my little fashion wiz, was looking out for me and making the numbers right. Especially since Go Jane had a similar pair for only $23. Uhhhmmm can you say major win!! Thats over $220 cheaper and trust I am all about saying my coins......

Go Jane Lips and Lipstick Flats $23.00

Not that much of a difference right, except with all the glitter right? Well, trust you will catch me modeling these babies this Fall. 

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