Bombshell's Look of the Day: Simplicity

8:37 AM

Today's look simply shows how stunning you can be yet simple at the same time. The key to it all is simply throwing on a cute over sized top, some fitted jeans, and topping it off with some heels, right? Yes!!! Bombshells you can never go wrong with a "simple" outfit. So this is the direction I headed down for this look.

I really do not remember where I purchased the over sized shirt from. The cid washed "Big Booty Jeans" lol I purchased from Ross for $18.99... Don't sleep pn Ross, for they have great clothing and prices. I had these Brown Block Strappy Heels from Forever 21 two summers ago for $29.50 (i think). 

The trick to simplicity or trying to be simple yet a little dressy, is throwing on a pair of heels that complements the look! 

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