Bombshell Remix and Inspiration: Shekinah's Ms. Decordon Lace Two Piece

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I recently saw this picture scrolling down my timeline of Shekinah and I absolutely LOVED how she went for a neat, yet sleek outfit. This Decordon Lace two piece was the absolute a WOWZERs for me. I completely admired the look not knowing the months later this look would be my inspiration for a night on the town. So of course I am back at college and I needed a exclusive look to set off Friday night. Me being me I had other outfits in mind but I was just not satisfied for what I picked out. Making a quick thirty minute trip in the mall to Charlotte Russe, this look hit me completely.

Although it was not the exact same skirt from Shekinah's outfit I just had to have it because as soon as I saw it I said, "Yes, this is the look!" Yes, I swiped that debit for $22 and had this blog post stirring in my mind.

I drew my inspiration from Shekinah and semi-remixed the look.With that being said I continued to shop for a top that went with the skirt and can across and $8 black lace crop from the Russe as well. Although it was not the same long-sleeve lace crop that Shekinah was wearing, I still went with it because it went fabulously with the bottom. I grabbed my platforn black and gold heels and it accessorized the outfit just beautifully.

So how would you Bombshell's remix Shekinah's lovely look.

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