Bombshell Holiday Gift Guide 2014

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Christmas is exactly 15 days away and we do not have much longer to shop for wonderful gifts for our loved ones. I do not have much room to talk, considering that i have done NO Christmas shopping yet. I know right, I need to get on it. I can honestly say that I am not a hard person to please when buying a gift for, heck I really do not look for a gift during the holidays because its not about receiving. However, if someone was to go shopping for me I like the easy things, such as a book regarding everything fashion and beauty. Even something that helps me put my ideas of future endeavors into motion. Simplicity is the key when shopping for me (hey that rhymes lol).

However, we do have those people in our lives who are not so "easy" to shop for, yes I said it you are completely being difficult. So I simply just created a little gift guide that I think that every girl would want to unwrap this season. Even if this guide does not work for you, I'm sure it will help you build upon your great ideas!

1. Summer and the City: The Carrie Bradshaw Diaries $10: I think that every girl loves the TV series Sex and the City, as matter a fact I caught myself watching it as I was writing this blog, so I thought, "Hey why wouldn't a girl want to get the full story and read it detail for detail?" I think that this would be a great gift considering that I love to read books and especially when it about or relates to fashion!

2. Voluspa Flower Crane Candle $24: Girls would dye for a great "smell good" and a candle is perfect. How could you not love something that makes and adds a little decor to the room. Not only that, but a great smelling good candle also tends to calm and relaxes he body. 

Voluspa Crane Flower Candle
3. Beats by Dre Pink Pill $200: Who does not love to listen to music while they are studying, getting dolled up, or simply just chillin'? Girls would love to receive this gift on Christmas not because music helps with meditation but IT'S PINK! Of course it's on the little bit of the pricey side but these days you can find an item that resembles the same thing, it may not be the same quality but I am pretty sure it still will work out. 

4. Gift Card: Something as easy as a gift card will do the trick. Who does not like a little extra cash at the store they love to shop at, I know I do. It will also be easy for the giver because they will not have to completely stress themselves out over a gift. When you do not know that to get a person getting a gift card will be a great resort. 

5. Sonia Kashuk Make-up Brush Set $35: What make-up lover or girl does not like a new set of make-up brushes, I know that I am raising my hand for some right about now. Girls will never turn down a set of new brushes to accentuate their make-up kit.


6. Kate Spade Pink Journal $24: A journal or even a planer is always a phenomenal idea! Owning a journal allows you to write down every idea and thought involving: work, business, fashion, or even just writing your feelings down. 

If you go along with this guide it may help you build your own shopping ideas and get into the Christmas spirit! 

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