Fall Essentials: Booties and Buckles

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Though Booties have been around for decades and a forever trendsetter during the Fall and Winter Season, I felt as though it has grew this Fall. I am a sucker for cute and stylin' booties, so I just can't wait for this time of year, heck I'm wearing some right now while writing this blog haha!  There are several celebrities sporting the bootie trend this season like, Kim K, Beyonce, and more. However, I wanted to add a little comfortable edge with my look. 

These boots added the perfect edge to to this look and to make it comfortable I dressed it with a forest sweater that I got from the thrift store; it added the perfect fall feel to my day. To spice up this look, I paired the sweater and the boots with my thrifted Vera Wang leather pants. I must say these are my favorite pants yet... And to top it off I added my handbag that was purchased from Just Fab! 
Sweater| Thrifted Leather Pants| Thrifted Booties| Charlotte Russe Handbag|Just Fab

This look is perfect for fall for any occasion: going out with your girlfriends (I started using this term from watching Sex and the City), a date time to the movie with your boyfriend, or simple a casual shopping day. I have to say this is one of my favorite looks by far! 

P.S. This look is also featured in my Fall Lookbook on my YouTube channel so go and check it out!

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