Shoe Diaries: Neon Love

9:14 PM

So I had these pumps for a while now and I finally decided to pull them out of the box. As you Bombshells saw before, I wore these fabulous pumps on Easter to give my dress a little pzazz and I did just that. I purchased these heels from one of my favorite site Go Jane. When I purchased these shoes, I new that they would add the pop of color I wanted to any of my outfits. These pumps give you that perfect business woman feel except with a little bit of spunk and color. And just so you guys know these spunky pumps come in different shades and I am so sad that I only purchased one color.

Now let's begin on my review for these heels... Let's just say as soon I put my feet in these heels they were cute but a bit painful. I wear a size 8 in heels and I should have gone up to a size 8 and 1/2. I must say walking in these for an hour had my feet on fire but nothing a little shoe stretcher and Dr. Scholl's can't fix. 

Overall, I felt like this is such a spunky and stylish shoe; it is also at a very great low and affordable price. Even though you only saw this outfit on me once, this will not be the last time that you see them on my feet because 
I will be heading to Walmart or Target to get these babies right.

Naye Rae 

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