Easter's Outfit of the Day: Pop of Neon

12:32 PM

So over the Easter weekend I kept contemplating on if I was going to buy me a dress to wear to church on Easter; everyone knows you have to have a fresh dress on Easter. In the process of thinking, time started to whine down so I had to pick something out of my closet. I was wanting something classy, festive, and very flowery, so looking in my closet I came across the dress that I wore in my graduation pictures... 

This dress was a purchase from She Inside around November and I thought this dress was absolutely stunning... so i purchased it. What I loved the most about this gorgeous dress was its nice pleaded, yet flowy bottom. It made the dress very girly and overall it made it stand out. The exquisite details within this dress: the flowers, coins, and splashes of green leaves makes it very unique. So as you can see for my graduation photos I kept it simple by wearing my black studded pumps, but for Easter I wanted to make it more springy and brighter, and I added a pump of neon.

This neon pump that I ordered from Go Jane added the right amount of spunk and brightness that I needed to bring this dress out. The reason I chose to wear these neon pumps was because the splashes of green leaves that are presented in the dress and it worked out perfectly. Another thing that I absolutely loved about this dress was the material; it was very silk liked and that was a major plus in my book. I also paired this look with a pink cross body bag that I got while thrifting at Consign Charleston. This bag reminds me of the Chanel bags that I see everyone carrying around and that is what drew me to it. 

Overall I love a unique dress that will just catch everyone's eyes when you wear it and this is exactly what this dress did.

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