Miyabi Sushi Dinner Review

8:49 PM

Hey Bombshells, so I am starting something new here on the blog and that is reviewing places that I go to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at. So recently I visited a nice Japanese restaurant called Miyabi's and I went to the sushi bar to have some sushi. 

The restaurant is a nice place for you to have dinner with your girls or even your significant other. When you walk in the ceilings are like the night sky and it just puts you in a nice space.

Miyabi's has three sides; sushi bar, bar, and a place where they actually cook your food in front of your face. Of course if you know me, then you know I pranced to the sushi bar. 
I order a Volcano roll (cooked), which was a somewhat spicy mayo sauce with crab me inside. I also ordered me a drink called Mai Tai and when I say it was strong, it was strong but deliciouso!! 

If I was asked to rate this restaurant, the service, and the food I would rate it a 10! I would visit this place 1,000,000 times! If you have one in your area, I would suggest you go, especially if you love sushi!

Naye Rae 

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