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As you can see from the picture and title above, we will be discussing my go to beauty essentials and some of my recently favs. Every woman has their favorite make-up products that they just cannot live without, whether it being lip
gloss, eye liner, mascara, etc. So enough with all the blabbing, let's just get into what I like about these products on my list.


Colour Pop's Ultra Matte Lip Liquids are everything and more! First off the color last all day and barely comes off after the application dries. That's right girls, you can eat almost anything (except greasy foods lol) without applying more of the product to your lips. Not only that, but the colors are very vibrant and bold so that you will not have to worry about your lips not being seen.

RK's All Over Glow Bronzer is my favorite and most affordable bronzers; there is absolutely nothing you would not like about this product. I use this product to highlight my nose and cheekbones to give me that extra umph that my look needs. While applying this application you will notice how vibrant this product is and that a little goes a long way.

E.L.F's Lip Lock Pencil is eevverryytthhingg!! When I tried out this product I immediately loved it, simply because it keeps all your lip products in tact and from feathering out. I really recommend this product if you have not tried it yet.

ABH's Dipbrow is product that everyone has been talking about for years, so I know you Bombshells know and hear about this enough.

Another product that I'm in love with is MAC's Studio Fix Fluid foundation because it gives me the full coverage that I need with only using very little product. 

MAC Prep and Prime- $41

This primer can be a bit on the pricey side, however, it last a long time and it works wonders! When I first started using make-up I never used a primer and when I brought this I sw a major difference with how long my makeup lasted on my face. This primer helps with the longevity wear of our make-up and corrects oily skin as well, so how could you not want to by this.

That is the last of my go to make-up products and I will like to hear some of your favorites, so don't be shy to comment down below.

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