Fall Make-up Bag Essentials

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Here we are, Fall is finally here; it's time that we throw out (not literally) all the bright shades of make-up in or bag and pick out the more warm/darker tones. Every girl should have a make-up bag that travels with them everyday; you never know what you will need to touch up throughout the day. This New York and Company bag is the right fit and size to stash in a nice size day time bag.

Every girl needs to switch up her make-up bag with the season, and with that comes major essentials. Here I have some small items that every girl may need to insinuate her everyday needs. 

First, every girl should have a rang of colored lippies within her make-up bag. Here I packed, a clear gloss by L.A. Colors, a butter gloss from NYX in the color Ginger Snap, and Black Radiance's Matte lipstick in the shade Mocha. Having a variety of textures and colors will help you switch up your looks and transition your look from day to night.

Also, a girl should never leave here house without her mascara. Mascara is a major and important essential to a make-up. Mascara makes your eyes pop at any given moment; you might need the popping affect, so you should carry this essential with you all day long.

Last but not least, you will always need you a mattifying powder (clearly I need more) and your powder brush. You always need to touch up your face from an all day wear. 

How can you ever go wrong with a great make-up bag full of goodies for your face.

What are your Fall make-up bag essentials?

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