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Sometimes you never know what it is you are really meant to do in life and you find yourself lost, with no sense of direction. However, you take on these missions not knowing were it is going to place you in life. We all have been to that point in our lives, but we tend to dig a little deeper and find meaning to why we are suppose to be here.

Over the weekend I attended Peekaboo Pretty Girls's Beauty and Business Brunch and I got so much insight on the maybe of why I am here; the WHAT to to what it is I am exactly suppose to be doing. This event was very inspiring and informative to my life, which is guiding me to accomplish every goal that I have in stored.

However, let's explain this fabulous outfit of the day:

I wanted go with something sleek and very neutral for this event. Looking at what I came up with, I think I nailed it right on the hammer. It's Fall and it is time for all the neutral and dark colors to surface. 

Outfit deets: Top- H&M| Choker: Ashley Stewart| Skirt: Fashion Nova| Heels: Steve Madden|Handbag: Aldo

Tell me your favorite Fall brunch looks below:

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  1. I love this look on you! 💕✨ Looking forward to see what's to come for you. ☺️


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