Chokers and Bodysuits x Tobi

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Hey Bombshells, so I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Tobi, a trendy and fashion based clothing  company out of Los Angeles, California. I wanted to pick something that was everything up to date and apart of the season. With this look I decided to go with a 2016 sleek Fall look. We all know that chokers have been trending non stop lately, and it's kind of hard to skip pass them when planning an outfit.
I thought this black choker bodysuit was the perfect match, especially since you don't have to do too much with the look. This look is very clean and not doing too much. This look would be perfect for a night out with the girls to a bar, or a night out to the movie with bad.

With this classic Arlet Choker Bodysuit from Tobi, I decided to pair it with one of my favorite pair of dark jeans from Levis and my thigh high boots from Fashion Nova. Every girl loves a versatile look, where you can go anywhere and fit right into the crowd. You can do just that with this amazing choker bodysuit from Tobi.

This bodysuit just adds the right touch to any Fall look, making it look very sleek and clean. Not to mention, fashionable. The choker attachment saves this girl from the trouble of have to find the right necklace to pair with it. 

Bodysuits are like the new tank tops nowadays and you really cannot go without this trendy, sleek, and stylish one from Tobi. Not only that, but it is very comfortable, soft,and also elongates your shape. 

Want to know where to find this fabulous bodysuit, well click here or visit the link below.

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