Uplifting: Books for Bombshells

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I know most of my blogs are fashion and beauty forward, however, I wanted to start Monday with something refreshing and that really digs into the person we really want to become. My blog anniversary is in exactly 3 days and I cannot believe it will be four years. Am I where I want to be? No. Am I where I need to be? No. But, am I going somewhere? Yes. I am trying to dig in to my purpose in life, and I cannot do that without God and a great book of course. I thought what better way to share with my readers how to really dig and find their self, without sharing my process.

God places us all here for a reason and sometimes we get lost in the world, then we lose ourselves. I think that connecting with God and reading book or guides to find your purpose is a great highlight. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, is a get read in reflecting positive vibes and searching for your purpose. This book is my ultimate guide (other than the Bible) to find what I am stationed here on Earth for. Applying scriptures and actual quotes to my life really puts a different outlook on many of things.

Another thing that keeps me on track is a prayer journal. You can never go wrong with it. Actually talking to God and asking he where to direct you, you may never what to forget. Recording your prayers are great, especially when your purpose is right there in front of your face and then you can go back and reflect. 

I think that sharing something uplifting, to help one another get on track is a great thing. Sometimes we get lost and need guides back to help us. Knowing and owning the purpose that God has for you is a great blessing. Even though I'm still on my journey, I thought that I would help some one too.

Just like the quote says, "Believe that it's already yours."

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