Store Brands, Small Sizes, & A Women's Confidence

4:00 AM

Lately I have been needing some new jeans, and you know usually when Spring comes around it's time for a new set. My sister and I decided that we were going to go into H&M to purchase the same pair of jeans, with the same size that we purchased from them months ago. Well going into the dressing room I knew these "same" pants with the "same" size was going to fit me just right. Hunny when I told yall these jeans did not fit, they DID NOT FIT! And this did not only happen to me but my sister as well. 

We started to question the confidence that we had within ourselves. We knew for sure that we were working out and eating right; we shed off some pounds. (LOL) We knew we were not crazy. At that moment we did not even want to purchase anything out of the store any more. So we left and went right down to Rue 21. Ladies when I tell you that we not only fit their jeans, but we were also a size smaller than what we thought we were. 

The moral of this story is to not go shopping and then establish self-esteem issues within yourself. We being women take our looks seriously and clothing companies that may cut down their sizes to fit the "average" girl can make us feel unpretty. 

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