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Charleston Fashion Week was another successful one; from the people, to the fabulous decor, model, send the fashion was immaculate. My first experience at Charleston Fashion Week was may year, and this time I was ready to slay it with a full force. I love to see upcoming designs and designers slay into the year. Not only that, but I love being in an environment where I can connect with people who love the same thing. Fashion is a way to express who we are as people. Charleston fashion Week was everything that I expected and more. People came from all over to display their love and passion for fashion. Whether you are a designer, fashion blogger, assistant; it all with down under the tents.

Let's get into all the deets of it all:
Arriving at fashion week, they was media all over snapping up your style as you stunted onto Marion Square. 

The Fashion Lounge was a great place to network, enjoy some cocktails, and SHOP. My favorite cocktail was "The Fashionista" with a splash of pineapple juice. I got to connect and meet so many beautiful people. 
Finally at 6:30, it was time to hit the runway seats. The show and the designs were jaw dropping.

I got to see so many nice and talented designers such as; Andrew Clancey, Viviane, Nadine Ralliford, Rachel Roy, and more. Every collection from the designers were different and unique in their own ways. 

After the runway show, there was an after party held in the style lounge. I personally got to meet Andrew Clancey, and he was one of my favorite collections that stood out.

Now that I spoke on my wonderful experience, I know you Bombshells want to get into my outfit details. 

I already had in my mind that I wanted to wear something blush pink and rose gold, and these Endless Rose Pants from Forever 21 just set it off. With the top, I wanted something sleek since my pants were already loose fitting. So I paired it with a bodysuit; also from Forever 21. Now the blazer was every bit of a last minute option, but it worked out great!

I hoped you enjoyed this post! Until next time loves.

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