Casually Pink

4:30 AM

I want to put together a nice casual that included all things pink, and so this is what I came up with in short lol. Causal outfits are something quick to go to and you do not have to put too much thought into it. The great thing about it is that all of these pieces came out of my closet. I love remixing pieces that I already have in my closet to come up with a new look. Even though I believe I have not clothes at all

This look was really a quick post to get back and at it. Literally how I came up with this outfit; I threw in the pants with the cami. Then I added some extra pieces to spice it up a bit. The pants are thirfted, the cami is from Walmart, the heels are from Charlotte Russe, and the kimono is from Rainbow. My black handbag is from JustFab. 

Let me know what you think about this outfit below,

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