Summer Essentials: Top Four

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July is almost over and I have not really been presenting you guys with my essentials for this Summer. Summer is all about the right looks, colors, accessories, and of course magic.

We all think about the Summer time for it's magic arrays of colors and grand essentials. What makes up my Summer essentials? A little bit of everything from a girls favorite categories when it comes to fashion.

Sunglasses: You cannot possibly go through the Summer months without at least one pair of sunglasses. I happen to have at least 6-7 pairs that I can choose from; this happens to be one of my favorites. Sunglasses can really make a look go from dull to bold, flab to fab, and minimal to bomb! So it is a must for you to have at least three you can choose from (black, brown, metallic). I picked up these babies from Zaful.

Lipsticks/ Lip stains: Lipsticks are definitely a necessity to your Summer must haves. For one, it is too hot to always be wearing a face full of make-up, so if you do not have anything else just apply lipstick! This makes your look pop and enhances it by just a little dash of color.

Accessories/ Earrings: Accessories are an essential you should never lack in your closet/ wardrobe. This really can make or break an outfit. You can literally take a basic outfit and make it look like runway wear just by your accessories. You already are wearing little to nothing in the summer, so how must you dress up your fit? I must admit I have some shopping to do in this department.


Fragrances: I absolutely do not care about anyone's opinion when it comes to this category. Fragrances can also make an outfit appear great. You can have a little juicy  couture outfit, but the fragrance will make it ten times better. Think I am lying? Try it out for yourself.

What are your favorite essentials?

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