Red Haute To Taut

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Here's to another Tuesday in the month of October and so far, I must admit that I have been being loyal with these post (this month at least). I can't believe how fast this month is moving too! Like literally, we have 2-3 months left of this year. It's a time to really grind within your purpose and get all those goals that you had planned for 2017 checked off. And, hey if you didn't get to some move it on to the next year, but this time how can you excel with it.

October is a month that you start brainstorming the next chapter (20180 in your life and what goals you are going to put in place. Any who enough of the babbling on, I love to put my favorite blazers to use during this time. Blazer are an essential to the Fall Style genre and your closet should be filled up with plenty that you can mix and match from. 

You may be asking yourself where do I pick up my blazers from, but the truth is that it is no where fancy. I always find a local thrift store to pick up pieces like these and I'm always in luck with every find. Some people say it's hard for them to find great pieces like this, but not for me at least. 

I paired this bright red blazer with a simple black tee and some biker shorts. I decided go full throttle with the boots (Fashion Nova) to give it some funk. Oh yea, I added little Taz in the photo too; isn't he cute? 

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