Poetic Justice

4:30 AM

It's almost the weekend and I am super late on this post, but it's finally here! I am serving all poetic vibes here and I am loving it. Literally, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to create every look that comes to my mind because it turns out to be fun and trendy. This has to be one of those looks that just describes the mood that I am in for that day.

I decided to go with the snapping of the fingers, poetic vibe and add a little twist on it. Like really, who have you seen with a kangaroo hat lately? I'll wait... no one. Okay, maybe LL Cool J still wears his from time to time but no one really is wearing them. That is what makes this look so unique, as well as the stylish fashion glasses. You have to add some type of personality within your outfits. 

But seriously though, I wanted to put a look together that was going to blow your minds. Some may not feel the whole poetic vibe twist but I am loving it because it is different, however, it's me. 

Everything that I have on here is from my closet, and it's nothing that is really "new". However, outfit ideas will be listed below.

Jacket: Rainbow| Tee: Rainbow| Jeans: Fashion Nova| Heels: JustFab| Handbag: Aldo

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