Where Have I Been: OH BABY!

8:26 AM

Lately I have been trying to stay on top of my goals and it just wasn't happening. For the past three months I have been ultra tired, and I could not push through to get anything done. I would just go to work (I am a full-time teacher and I work after school in the evenings) and come home in sleep. This was completely unusual for me.

Well March came around (March 1st) to be exact, I took a test and I found out that I was pregnant. I was shocked and nervous, to know that I had a little person growing inside of me. I would never forget the feeling and looking at at the test in that very moment. I immediately called my boyfriend to tell him the news and he was so excited. 

We knew we are embarking on a new journey and we are ready for it. I did have some thoughts considered that we are not married yet. However, everyone has a way at life, and I know we are just doing it different. Really, I can care less about what people say about the order that we chose to do things.

I waited until my first trimester was officially over to announce that we are bringing a sweet bundle of joy into this world. I am so excited and I am going to embrace every moment with this pregnancy. Trust you guys will be getting some baby hauls and buys during this process. Also, I am deciding to Vlog my journey and experiences. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this far and will continue to on this journey.

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