Sandals For Summer

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It's Fashion Friday! I know it may be a little late for this post on sandals for the Summer, but I am still here for discussing Summer essentials. I know some of us by now are ready to start talking layering for Fall, however, I think we can still fit a couple more Summer fashion talks into the discussion. 

Lately, my favorite shoes to pop on is a pair of sandals (it's probably because I am pregnant and need everything to be comfortable that I wear). I want to show you some of my favorite styles that I personally love. 

Here is a pair of pearl slide on sandals that I picked up from Stein Mart. These are my top favorite because they are a statement sandal; they describe the girly girl in me. 

Next, I have a couple that I picked up from Rainbow (don't sleep on them because they have some great deals). These are just a few basics that I can slide on with anything, whether I am dressing up or down. I love the rose gold detailing on the blush pink slide on sandals.

Finally, are some Guess chained sandals that I have yet to wear, but I will soon. I always admired sandals that stand out, so this was definitely one that was on my bought list. 

What are some of your favorite essentials for Summer?

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