Motivational Monday: Learning To Push Forward

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For the past several months (since Feb.), I have had trouble getting on task and staying consistent within my blog and my business. Mainly because I am pregnant and was experiencing fatigues. I have not been able to succeed the way I have wanted to, and it really made me feel discouraged.

Now that I am six months pregnant, I have gotten some of my energy back. I have been praying to God looking for answers to get me up and going; now is the time. Beginning this year, I made it set that I was going to this and that to ensure that I was taking everything to the next level. However, life hit me and I got off track some. Getting back on track is what I am trying to do the remainder of 2018. 

I wanted to share with you some of my motivational books and mantras that I will be focusing on to get myself together.

Focusing on my spiritual side and what God has for me is and will be my main focus point. Without God, you will not go far in life, and you will never figure out the purpose that is intended for you. Following daily sermons and scriptures will motivate me to the highest power to know what direction to go. 

I am a sucker for good reads, especially ones about girl power and affirmations over life. Motivational books like these help me push forward and guide my mind to better thinking. It's like food for my souls and gears me up to what God has for me. 

Lastly, here are some of my most motivating and powerful mantras by some of my favorite girl bosses that I love to go by. 

What are some of your motivational routines and mantras?

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