Color Blocking For Summer

5:00 AM

As you may know, I am expecting a little girl at the beginning of November (I am already 6 months)!! I am so excited! So with that being said, I am trying to get as many blog post together as possible. I know I haven't been very consistent when it comes to blogging because of the wear down with the pregnancy. However, I am committing to doing a better job. Now that I have said all of that, let's get into this look.

I decided to go thrifting at a local thrift store in Charleston, and I picked up to items to help me put this item together. I picked up this Dalia skirt for $5.99 and this Nine West snakeskin clutch for $3.99. These two items inspired me to put together a color block outfit.

Flipping through my closet, I found a magnet colored blouse that I purchased from TJ Maxx (two years old). Now that my breasts are getting bigger, I had trouble buttoning it up.

These pick strappy heels were a birthday gift from my friend (3-4 years old) and I still love them. They are very comfortable too!

Tell me what you think about this look?

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