Believe In Yourself

5:00 AM

"If you do not believe in yourself no one will do it for you."
-Kobe Bryant

By now we have all learned of the tragic news that had it on Sunday, and I must say I was devastated. It feels like I knew him personally, by just growing up from seeing him play. I was in disbelief. However, this has all taught us a valuable lesson about life. 

We should not take life for-granted, and we should live everyday like it's our last. We should definitely live out our dreams and work hard for what we want out of life. We provide excuses on why we aren't or can't live out or best lives, we have to now stop a press forward. 

Kobe Bryant has taught us a lot: Perseverance, Hard Work, Dedication, and LIVE.

Today I challenge you to live out your dreams and hug those you love.


Naye Rae 

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