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Hey Bombshells, so I know you all you (or at least a hand full of you) thrift and want to know what kind of items to look for when thrifting. I have became a sucker for thrifting and I at least go inside a thrift store once a week. With that being said I know what to look for when thrifting, so if you want to learn some tips and tricks please read along...

Okay, first things first, when thrifting you want to find items or clothing that are very unique. With that being said you can see that the unique item in this picture is this vintage blazer. I purchased this item at Goodwill for less than $1.00 you cannot beat that. This is an item that is an eye catcher, so believe when I say that I got questions asking where I purchased this blazer from. 

As far as the looks go, I wanted to go with a nice chic and casual look with this blazer. I paired it with a nice pair of skinny jeans, a white tee, and a pair of black studded pumps. However, if you do not want to go for a chic and casual look you can easily pair it with a nice fitted black dress or even a two piece skirt set. 

Moving forward you can find other items that will bring forward newer looks to your closet so that you will have many versatile looks in your wardrobe. I quickly found that out with thrifting. My next look is titled Modern Chic because its mostly a modern type look with the style of the vintage blouse.

I purchased this blouse and magenta colored pants from a local thrift store in my city, and I thought the look would be very unique. This blouse that I purchased is unique because of the pleaded and pearl beading pattern in the front, not only that, but the buttoning up of the blouse in the back of the blouse. The magenta pants will always be a must in you closet because you want a splash of color in your wardrobe. 

So my quick tips for thrifting will consist of:
  • Pick unique items
  • Pick items or clothing that will make your look versatile
  • Patterns that are rarely seen today.. that's a winner!
  • Visit thrift stores in the most fashionable or high end part of town
  • Visit your thrift store often
  • Know the material
  • Finally, do not be afraid to look, you have to be productive when accomplishing this trait. 
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