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So Kim has been rocking these nude on nude trends lately and recently smashed the internet with another nude dress, however, I did not want to talk about the plain nude dress but I am loving the color blocking of these colors. Kim is a fan of teasing us with a nice, neat, and chic look that hugs all her curves and edges. Even though this dress is even thing simple, it is a fabulous eye catcher! 

You really would be surprised that you can find outfits or dresses like this that are exactly the same, or if not better than this! Doing some research and scrolling though Instagram, I stumbled across this company called Babes and Felines, who make comfortable and affordable outfits just like it. Even if you do not want this exact same color as Kim you can always choose from a variety of colors on their site. 

This look is super cute and so chic that you can wear it any way that you want. The look is so versatile that you can dress it up or down, not only that, but it is not showing a lot of skin and the stretchy material hugs just the right amount of curves. Speaking of the dress being versatile you can either knot the top or simple tuck it in and either wear the bottom as a skirt or tube dress. Whatever fits your liking, just rock it! 

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