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So recently I just had a reality check, and that reality check came with my hair care routine and how I had not been taking care of it in the past three years. Let me begin explaining, I have never had long hair but m hair had always come below my shoulders. I remember letting my grandmother press my hair in the kitchen to when my sister (Model Chic Tha Stylist) started taking over my growth process and I had healthy growing hair...

This is my hair when I was a freshman in college (2010/2011) and clearly you can see that my hair was past my shoulders and healthy. Well since I really did not have a hair stylist while I was away at college my hair just became unhealthy, do to me not getting a trim and treating it the way I was suppose to. So getting back to my home town, I gave my sister a call and visit so she could get my hair back on the right track. My stylist/sister put a very good relaxer to my hair to pull my hair back to what it is use to (I was never a natural kind of girl) and what that she applied a deep conditioning treatment to my hair.

As you guys can see my hair still had its length and more; I would definitely would like my hair to be thick than to have a length that is unhealthy. Viewing this picture my ends were dry and brittle, and hunny that is sooooooo unhealthy. 

Yaasssssssss... I know what you guys are thinking COMPLETE UNHEALTHY!!!!! I did not really care about how my hair looked underneath my weave, all I cared about was how it looked on top and that was a HUGE MISTAKE. This is exactly why Model Chic had to get me back on track to taking care of my hair. So the first step with that was taking all the frail and split ends out of the equation, so that meant cut, cut, cut!! 

Now that my hair is trim and cut I can begin this hair care journey all over again and with the help of Model Chic, I know I will succeed! So after she did all the cutting and layering of my hair she styled my hair to the gods and I must say I will wear my hair like this on the daily....

So now that she cut my hair and have the oils flowing consistently, I can now take care of my hair the right way!! I wore this style for a few days and then went to a sew-in also done by Model Chic...

Can someone please give my sister/stylist some major credit on the way she completely relaxed, cut, styled, and curled my hair. MY HAIR IS LAID AND SLAYED HUNTY.

If you are in the Charleston, SC or surrounding areas and would like for her to slay your hair to the gods... she is located at Couture Services in West Ashley.

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Instagram: ModelChicThaStylist
Facebook: Couture Services

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