Shoe Connoisseur: The Glass Slipper

4:00 AM

I was always skeptical of this trend when I saw it coming forth. However, every time I took a look at this beauties, I feel in love with them more and more. Shoes are something that I love and are fascinated over! I will buy shoes before I buy any piece of clothing, so when I saw these I immediately added them to my cart for purchase.

These heels are so sexy, yet so classy and every Bombshell needs them in their closet. You can either dress them up or down, and these heels will still compliment your outfit.  So, why wait around when you know these heels will be exclusive to your closet.

I purchases these babies from Fashion Nova for a great $32.99. I have to tell you it is the best $32 I ever spent!

These heels are comfortable, especially with the height. However, if you plan on dancing in them for more than three hours it could be a little bit uncomfy. What heels don't get uncomfortable after standing in them that long? LOL. Besides that they are number one on my list!

Comment below what you think about them.

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